Charina Sarte, the collection began its story in the Philippines. Since its inception, the line has radiated the country’s spirit of a sweet and endless summer. Founded by its namesake, Charina spent most of her life in the Philippines. Living in a tropical country, her collection features fabrics and shapes suited for days traveling under the sun.

Now Paris based, Charina designs and takes inspiration from one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Despite this she has kept true to her roots and kept production 100% in the Philippines. Aside from promoting local talent, the brand employs an all-women staff of skilled seamstresses. Proudly made for women, designed by a woman and made by women.

Her collections of cotton and linen are all  sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Ethically produced globally inspired the brand believes in producing clothing not just good for people but also good for the planet.

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